From brighter smiles to cleaner hands and healthier immune systems, we're helping people make better personal and oral care choices for themselves and their families. We believe you deserve products that meet the highest standards of efficacy, quality, safety, social and environmental responsibility.


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Professional Ultrasonic

In-Office Teeth Whitening

The most advanced in-office whitening system available. Powered by sono-chemistry, uPhoria is a gentle whitening experience designed to brighten your smile in only 4 minutes without any tooth sensitivity.  The exclusively in-office procedure is complimented with  an optional at home kit for maintenance between appointments.


The Hand Sanitizer That Kills Germs, Not Your Hands

Hand sanitizers are essential but they dont't have to hurt. Activa is formulated with the power to kill germs but with the added touch of lavender oil to help soothe and protect your skin against the drying effects of alcohol.


Multi-functional Micronutrients for Immunity Support & More

Self+ Supplements is a brand focused on simplifying people’s routine by offering multitasking ingredients that supports a healthy IMMUNITY + Energy, Brain and Body.